Take an OTT break: Binge-watch these short films

Imagine you and your significant other are glued to the couch, zombie-scrolling through your screens. It is a never-ending quest for something new and exciting, but most nights (nine out of ten!) it ends the same way: either you both pass out from exhaustion or give up and hit play on that familiar, but way-over-watched, boxset of Friends or The Big-Bang Theory. (Seriously, it’s time to break the cycle!)

Here are some short films for you to binge-watch:

Waiting Room

It is a dark political satire which identifies itself as an Apolitical Nonsense. This theatrical film has been made without any support from the mainstream film industry. Waiting Room is nothing but an empty gloomy place where we wait between life and death. A place where everyone’s fate gets decided. The black comedy from Bengal takes a strange turn; Based On Three Real Life Characters But Completely Fictional

Toxic Masculinity

Sri is a brave young woman who is concerned about gender equality issues. One day, Sri saves Ivan, who is the brother of Alex, a mob boss. Sri then meets Alex. Rolling forward, the film reveals a dark past that Sri had never imagined, making it absolutely binge-worthy.

The Ordained

In the 11-minute short film makes us reflect on the choices that we make that makes us ordained. This makes the film worth watching.

In Dream – Reverie, in Reverie – Freedom

This film explores the near future, where people are mastering the technology of recording dreams on physical media. Instability, however, does not allow the new opportunity to be fully deployed. This is how dream writers emerge – freelancers who are exploring the new vast for creativity. Alex is one such character from the film.


This film reveals the dangers associated with financial frauds, which has been increasing in recent days. The film raises awareness regarding cyber bullying making it a must-watch.


This suspenseful drama explores themes of family, forgiveness, and the dark side of social media. With engaging plot and strong characters, this film becomes a must-watch when you decide to take a break from the OTTs.

Emerald City

This film is a testament towards the work of Josef (Joe) Steiff, an independent filmmaker and writer whose films has been exhibited in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This feature film reflects Joe’s interest in the ways that people struggle to make personal sense out of random, impersonal events.


Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of California and nurtured in the captivating embrace of the greater Seattle region, S. Joe Downing has firmly established himself as a creative in the entertainment realm. “Cozen,” stands as a testament to Joe and his wife’s shared vision, with Joe as the mind behind the script and co-directing duties undertaken in collaboration with his gifted wife.


Abhimanyu Kanodia, specializes in visual storytelling that includes developing content, visualizing it and ultimately presenting the final product on screen. This short film reflects just the same.

Greed Never Pays

A scientific experiment is being carried out to activate ‘see through walls x-ray vision’ in human beings via intake of special drugs for special purposes, but the apprentice accompanying the scientist turns out to be a spy who wants to steal the formulas from the computer. Watch this movie to see how the story unfolds.

This is not an exhaustive list. These are some of the short films that you can binge-watch, when you think that it is time to take a break from OTT. All of these short films are available on WFCN Canvas.